The First Time Watching Wicked's New 15th Anniversary Trailer, Told in 15 GIFs

The First Time Watching Wicked's New 15th Anniversary Trailer, Told in 15 GIFs
Jackie Burns in 'Wicked'
(Photo: Courtesy of Wicked)

Wicked's 15th Anniversary is blessing us with so much content, ladies! On October 30, the hit musical will celebrate 15 years on Broadway. That's 6,263 performances at the Gershwin Theatre, 6,263 "Popular"s and 6,263 gravities defied. To celebrate the milestone, the production released this epic new trailer, featuring former stars Jackie Burns (Broadway's longest-running Elphaba and current national tour leading lady) and Ashley Parker Angel, as well current Glinda, Amanda Jane Cooper. Watch along with our gif-ified trailer guide below. 

Eleka nahmen nahmen ah tum ah tum eleka-mazing!... This trailer has everything: cape-ography, fog, gears! 

Leaving everyone in my past life behind after I've seen the new Wicked trailer:

When you realize there's one minute and 42 seconds left in this new Wicked trailer!

This GIF is for your personal use, Broadway fans. Make sure to save!

Me going to for all the Wicked 15th Anniversary coverage:

When you remember A Very Wicked Halloween is NBC on October 29:

Ummm 👀 

Does anyone still wear a hat?

When someone says they've been listening to the Wicked "SOUNDTRACK."

Us congratulating ourselves for being such Wicked stans.

A Star is Born!

And you! And you! And YOU! You're gonna love MAAYYY. 

When you remember how many legendary leading ladies have sang "For Good."

Low-key, this is us in the rush line. 

And nobody, in all of Oz, is ever gonna make me take, this post DOOOOOOWN!  

Watch the new trailer below:

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